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Greetings from the Interop Team at Microsoft!

With the release of Windows Phone Mango and its new support for relational databases through SQL CE 3.5.2 (Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition) we decided to create a tool to aid developers in porting their mobile applications to Windows Phone from other platforms. Presenting two usefull tools for your Mobile DB migration needs:

1- SQLite2CE is a tool that converts a SQLite database into SQL CE while simultaneously creating the default data represtnation classes needed to easily incorporate the new database into your Windows Phone application. The tool migrates the Schema, Table Data, and Views ( but not triggers). The tool handles the differences in data types and does an appropiate mgiration that is configurable in the settings.xml.

2- SQLiteQuery2LINQ a utility tool designed to aid developers in converting their SQL queries to LINQ while simultaneously helping them to learn the new query language. Simply connect to you SQLIte DB, enter your SQLLite SQL statements and get fully functional LINQ code snippets that doe sthe same!

Here’s the documentation for this project, hosted at the interop's team App Migration section for iPohone and Android developers


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